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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summit Freezerless Refrigerator - A User Friendly Unit

Summit freezerless refrigerators have attracted customers, who don't a want freezer but large space for keeping different food delicacies. These freezerless units help you keep jellies, cake preparations, packaged juices, fruits, vegetables, beverages, cans, cold drinks, daily perishable items, and other things. The use of Summit freezerless refrigerators is not limited to household use. They can be freely used at commercial places also. I have seen one at my next door store. There the owner uses it for health drinks, beverage cans and mineral water.

You might be thinking whether freezerless refrigerators available in different sizes. Yes, and in various designs too. Some of these have separate fruit and vegetable baskets also. For my home, I have purchased a Undercounter Summit Freezerless Refrigerator. It is an easy to use unit with complete defrosting system. The large number of options include - door storage for keeping bottles of different shapes and sizes; interior lights that help in picking the thing with ease; and adjustable shelves.

I make optimum utilization of this feature during different parties that I host. I prepare health drink in good quantity and chill it in a big jar. All I have to do is remove one of the shelves and my jar easily fits inside the refrigerator.

Frankly speaking, there were certain features of this Summit Freezerless Refrigerator whose purpose I was not aware about. It was only when I started using the unit that I came to know about them. One such feature is its internal circulation fan ( I didn't knew the purpose). But later on I came to know that it helps in improving the efficiency of the model. I think, I took the right decision by purchasing this Summit Freezerless Refrigerator. The features of this model are not limited. It also has reversible door swing, lock option (side lock or keypad lock), alarm and many others.

Oops!! Forgot to tell you that my Summit Freezerless Refrigerator is an undercounter unit with 24 inch width and 60 inch height. So it doesn't require much space and most important of all it is very easy to use. I have purchased this Summit Freezerless Refrigerator from the Cooler Direct store at discounted prices. If you are looking for Summit Freezerless Refrigerator, then visit Cooler Direct.

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