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Monday, July 7, 2008

Summit Drawer Freezer - Complete Storage Unit

Summit Drawer Freezer is the new popular device in the market. Specially their Summit - SPF5DSSTB has caught the attention of many buyers who are looking for a nice drawer freezer unit. This elegant and functional unit features:-

* Manual defrost
* Under counter All Freezer
* Adjustable thermostat
* Energy efficient design
* Fan assisted interior cooling
* Stainless steel body(interior and exterior)
* Stainless steel towel bar handles
* U.L. Listed
* 3 prong plug
* 100% CFC Free

This Summit Drawer freezer SPF5DSSTB has 3 easy to pull drawers with towel bar handle. It is available in user friendly design that helps to place it under the main counter also.

I have purchased this unit for my store. I was looking for an efficient unit that doesn't take much of floor space. Also, I needed large storage capacity so that I don't have to run from my store to storage room for getting the items demanded by the customers. Over the period of time, I have been able to make optimum use of the unit by placing it at the center of the store and using the top flat surface for displaying the new or popular products. The stainless steel finish assists in giving it a good look and catches the attention of all.

At times, it happens that I need to change the look of my store to attract new customers and the positioning of the drawer freezer needs to be changed. For this there is an adjustable dolly. This helps me not only to adjust the height of cooling unit but also place it in any corner without any hindrance.

With this Summit Drawer freezer, I have also purchased few optional accessories. An external readout that helps me to store the things at right temperature. At times, when there are too many customers, one tends to forget to read the temperature and high temperatures can damage the food. So, for this I have installed a high temperature alarm also. All these things assist me to offer quality products.

If you are also interested in buying this Summit Drawer Freezer, visit Cooler Direct. They have a wide range of Drawer freezers to select and buy at reasonable prices.

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