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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

So-Low Undercounter Laboratory Refrigerator

Medical Undercounter Refrigerators & Freezers are mainly used for storing medical supplies. Popularly they are used in labs, pharmacies, clinical labs, hospitals. Cooler Direct has different types of lab refrigerators that are stylish and match your interiors.

I am a supervisor and have recently purchased two laboratory refrigerators. The MV18-6UCRF So-Low Undercounter Laboratory Refrigerator has the total capacity of 6.1 cu. ft. It is ideal for laboratory and pharmacy purposes. This refrigerator has 3 in-door shelves, high impact polystyrene interiors and forced air ventilation. It is designed to fit into in built spaces and has a steel powder coat paint finish. It has a rounded corner for better application and handling. For safe usage it is available with an insulated power cord and three prong plug.

The other one that I bought is the So-Low MV4-8UCR. It comes with 8 cu. ft. capacity and works under 1°C / 34°F to 7°C / 44°F temperature range. It is an upright unit with UL certification. It has an auto defrosting system, 3 in-door shelves, high impact polystyrene interior and forced air ventilation for unhampered cooling. This unit is one of the So-Low Undercounter Laboratory Refrigerators and is easy to use and clean. After purchasing this quality product at discounted prices, I'm very happy with my decision.

For sometime now I have been using these refrigerators. They are trouble-free and are a must-have in the hospitality industry. So Low Undercounter Laboratory Refrigerators require almost negligible maintenance and are made keeping in mind the needs of the various users. You can even go in for a smaller unit like
the So-Low MV23-4UCXF. It is ideal for storing medicines and vaccines in small chemist shops. They are approved for use in group C and D environment. These special freezers are able to withstand the temperature fluctuations and have sturdy exteriors and rounded corners for easy cleaning.

If you are interested in buying any of these So-Low Undercounter Laboratory Refrigerators, visit Cooler Direct. They are available at attractive prices here.

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