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Monday, July 14, 2008

Reliable Avanti Appliances

Avanti Appliances is one among the few brands that offer plethora of products. Their comprehensive range of products includes compact chest freezers, full size upright freezers, full size wine coolers, bottled water dispensers, home ice makers, freezerless refrigerators, water purifiers and beverage centers. These products are available with user friendly features that makes them suitable for use both at homes and commercial places. To know more Avanti appliances lets discuss their product line in brief:

Avanti compact chest freezers: These chest freezers by Avanti Appliances are the most suitable for small rooms. They have the capacity of seven cubic feet or less. Compact chest freezers come with adjustable thermostat, removable storage basket, and easy to carry casters. All these features help in easy handling of the freezers and thus making them one of the popular products of Avanti Appliances. These compact freezers are recommended for bakeries, confectioneries, and grocery stores.

Avanti full size upright freezers: These have a large storage capacity. Avanti Full Size Upright Freezer have a number of drawers. Separate compartment is present for placing bacon and ice trays. If you have a big family and require to store in a large amount of frozen food, then this freezer by Avanti Appliances is especially meant for you.

Avanti full size wine coolers: Wine coolers are available with different storage capacity. They have reversible tempered glass door, slide out wooden shelves, built in interior fan and built in handle. The best part of these wine coolers is that they keep the bottles at display. For this purpose Avanti Appliances provides soft interior LED lighting also. These full size wine coolers are highly recommended for pubs or restaurants and can be safely used in homes too.

Avanti Ice makers: These ice makers prepare ice in large quantity and thereby provide you with lots of ice instantly. The Avanti Ice makers are available in popular built in as well as free standing application. Avanti Appliances keeping in mind the needs of the users have designed the ice makers in such a way that there is no hassle in draining out the water, every now and then.

All these Avanti appliances are available at attractive prices at Cooler Direct. They have elegant modern exterior and are a perfect combination of quality and appearance. You can personalize Avanti appliances at reasonable rates. Are you ready to make the difference!

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