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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Freestanding Beer Dispenser - For Ample Beer, Instantly!

Freestanding Beer Dispensers, stand-alone units, are designed to store large capacity / volume of beer. It is helpful to serve family or friends at any occasion. Being freestanding, these appliances are ideal for places that have ample open space to store them with ease. They can also be kept in smartly designed compact spaces. For example, your compact kitchen, if it is smartly structured with good enough open space, then a Freestanding Beer Dispenser can easily be accommodated into it. (very long sentence)

Renowned manufacturers like Summit, Danby, Haier, etc., are coming up with wonderful and stylish models of these Freestanding Beer Dispensers. These freestanding units look more like a refrigerator, though the interior is designed to hold nice volume of beer kegs. On top of the cabinet, there is a beer dispensing tower-tap, which is generally made of chrome material, and is guarded by chrome rail from three sides. The tower dispenser pours the beer out, in the glass, with force to create froth that makes the taste of beer more tempting.

My father has purchased a Freestanding Beer Dispenser by Summit appliances, from the Cooler Direct online store. This Summit Freestanding Beer Dispenser. This model has a capacity to store 1 beer keg, that allows us to serve ample amount of beer to our guests, in one go. This black model comes with an automatic defrost system, and other wonderful features to provide long lasting durability. It is designed to serve the dual purpose of modern style & convenience. It not only dispenses beer in a great flow, but also adds charm to our bar space. We have received so many compliments for this freestanding unit.

Many a times my friends come over to party, and I must say this Freestanding Beer Dispenser never let me down by running out of beer. In fact, one of my friend has also bought the similar Freestanding Beer Dispenser for his apartment, as he can't do without beer, be it any time. If you too are a beer enthusiast and looking for such an appliance, I would recommend you to visit the mentioned store and browse through their Freestanding Beer Dispensers' range. I bet you can find more than what you are actually looking for, at the most competitive price.

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