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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Storing wine at right temperature is very important to retain their original taste. Wine Coolers help in maintaining the ideal temperatures. There are different types of wine cooler available to choose from. As per your needs they are available in different sizes and styles. You can go in for a single wine cooler or a dual zone one. Single wine coolers are suitable for those who like to have only a particular type of wine, that is white wine or red wine. But if you are a wine lover and want to have both red and white at one place, then Dual Zone Wine Cooler is the right choice.

The dual zone wine coolers have the ability to store different types of wine at different temperatures. They have different digital controlled chambers with temperature setting for zones between 41 to 64.4 degree Fahrenheit. Sunpentown Compact Dual Zone Wine Cooler, for instance, has the ability to store 28 bottles. It is available with handy instructions for keeping the wine at right temperature. For example, if you want to have to store red wine then temperature somewhere between 60- 65 degree Fahrenheit is suggested, similarly for white wine it is 50 - 59deg.F, Sparkling Wine 45 - 49deg.F and Rose Wine 49 - 51deg.F. It has double pane insulated tawny glass door with platinum trim and black cabinet that compliments any setting.

Some of the features of this unit are digital temperature display and control, two independent chambers, five slide out shelves, soft interior light and front leveling leg. There are other similar products available in the market, but this wine cooler has got distinct looks.

If you are looking for a bigger model then try 60 Canned Dual Zone Wine Cooler. It can store up to four wine bottles and sixty twelve ounce canned drinks. Not only this, it has the perfect exterior appearance as well. Its reversible door swing and continuous toe kick style finish gives it a trendy exterior. You can get this unit in black, white or stainless steel finish. The best part of this wine cooler is that it keeps the bottles and drinks at display.

For more information about the wine coolers, visit wine cooler section of the Cooler Direct store. Here you can find a range of Sunpentown Dual Zone Wine Coolers and other wine coolers.

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