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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bottled Water Dispensers

These days, Bottled Water Dispensers are commonly seen in the offices, banquet halls, homes, hotels, hospitals, clinics and other places. They have become popular due to their elegant looks, sturdy design, energy efficiency and other reasons. You might be thinking of having one for your office also, but when it comes to selecting the right one for yourself, it becomes a tedious task.

Everyone has their own criteria for selecting a unit for themselves - some want to have a small unit of Bottled Water Dispenser that requires less space and fits in the compact space. Other prefer to go for a tall unit with refrigerator compartment. So, the first thing you should do while buying a bottled water dispenser is look out for the reasons why you are buying them. And secondly, what kind of design will look good in your office or home.

Personally I have done so and found it to be a better way of select the products. My friend told me about various Bottled Water Dispenser brands. This included Avanti Appliances, Oasis, Avlanche and other top brands. I was looking for a unit for my office. I visited Cooler Direct and there I found an amazing range of Bottled Water Dispensers. I browsed through their complete range of products. The ones I liked included white Thermoelectric Cold Bottled Water Dispenser by Avanti Water Coolers. It is a countertop unit featuring a thermoelectric non compressor system and removable drip tray. This dispenser has the capacity to hold 3 or 5 gallon bottles. The brilliant thing about this unit is its size. It is a light weight energy efficient unit. The compact design of this unit makes it fit to be easily placed in offices and homes.

The other was MTN Water Cooler. These water cooler units are rust free and so designed that they can be cleaned easily whenever desired. They can easily hold a full size water bottle. To me this option suited the most but as wise people say, it's good to be completely satisfied before buying the product. Following their wise words, I checked out another bottled water dispenser model. This one was by Oasis Coolers. It is a popular Cook n Cold unit and is available in twin color options of black and white. This model can become a bottleless system with a conversion kit. Compact in design, perfect height, it can dispense both cold and luke warm water. It clicked my mind and sounded great... upon checking the other features I got to know that it has a hot water safety faucet, large cold water reservoir, adjustable thermostat and a one piece stainless steel hot water tank.

Finally, I purchased this Oasis Bottled Water Dispenser at discounted price. If you are interested in buying this or any other bottled water dispenser, I will strongly recommend to visit Cooler Direct Store, now. They have complete product information that helps in deciding a suitable unit.

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