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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summit Large Chest Freezer - For Homes and Commercial Use

Are you looking for Summit Large Chest Freezer? If yes, then there are many things that are required to be considered before you purchase one. Why are you buying one? Are you planning to get it for residential purpose or commercial one for storing ice creams, frozen fruits and vegetables, perishable items, or for medical use to store laboratory specimen and other medical equipment. The needs differ, and with this the demands also grow. Seeing this the quality leaders Summit have come up with a range of Large Chest Freezer.

Summit Large Chest Freezers diversifying range of assorted models that includes Summit WCH10 Large Chest Freezer, Summit WCH12 Large Chest Freezer, Summit Large Chest Freezer SCFF150, Summit SCF1710 Large Chest Freezer, and many more. The Summit Large Chest Freezer SCF1710 has a storage capacity of 17.4 cu.ft. It has deep interior space to store sturdy containers, ice cream cups, bricks, candies, frozen fruits, vegetables, etc. The has two sliding glass lid that gives clear product visibility. This advanced manual defrost unit comes in white aluminum finish and a standard lock and drain. The optional accessories such as sneeze-guard, dipper, baskets, ice cream tub holder, and Gelato pan holder, make it user friendly. Order this or any other model of Summit Large Chest Freezer from Cooler Direct now and experience the difference now!

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