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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summit Compact Chest Freezer

Freezers are an essential requirement for storing frozen food. The small storage of the refrigerator is just not sufficient. But buying a separate freezer unit means you need space!

This is exactly the reason why I did not buy a freezer for long. I have to run to the market often for buying food as my refrigerator did not have space for storing much food. Thankfully, to end all my worries, my friend introduced me to the Cooler Direct store where I came across the Summit Compact Chest Freezer range.

The moment I looked at these units, the idea of owning one of them clicked me. I knew these are just what I was looking for - compact units that would fit in my kitchen! And so, I finally bought one. It is a small, 3.6 c.f. capacity Chest Freezer from Summit Appliances. It does not occupy much floor space and at the same time, is sufficient for my household requirement. The cooling of the unit is quite effective. It features an external readout thermometer and a battery powered alarm for ease of use. Now, I can easily stack food for the whole week in my Summit Compact Chest Freezer. This manual defrost unit is also commercially approved.

You can have a look at this unit at the Cooler Direct store. I bought it from here at discounted prices. The store has other competent Summit Compact Chest Freezers as well. Browse through to have a look at these Summit Appliances.

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