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Monday, June 2, 2008

Summit Compact Chest Freezer

The huge electricity bills are annoying, aren't they? Thanks to my Summit Compact Chest Freezer. It helped me so much in cutting down my bills. Initially, I was bit skeptic to buy a new freezer for my store. And always got the old freezer repaired. But one fine day a the mechanic told it would take a good money to get fixed. After much thought I decided to look for a compact chest freezers on Internet. It is then that I surfed online and stumbled upon Coolerdirect.com. The site offers an exclusive range of refrigerators and freezers for sale.

I bought the Summit Compact Chest Freezer FC46 model. My new compact chest freezer worked great! In comparison to other model, it occupied comparatively less area in my store. Now there was more space for displaying other food items and beverages. Customers could see and wished to buy them.

This Summit Compact Chest Freezer has a beautiful platinum-colored body and door, and its front-mounted lock ensures security when you need it. Offering a storage space of 3.6 cu. ft., this environment-friendly, CFC-free unit works at 115 V / 60 Hz and has a corrosion-resistant aluminum interior. It also has a very helpful manual defrost feature. If you wish to buy one and boost up your store sales, then I would recommend you visit Coolerdirect once. They have a brilliant collection Summit Compact Chest Freezer models that will truly match your expectations.

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