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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So-Low Blood Storage Refrigerator

After getting deceived by many blood storage refrigerators, last year I decided to buy a quality refrigerator, no matter how much it would cost me. Finally, last year I purchased a So-Low Blood Storage Refrigerator for my clinic. The So-Low Laboratory Blood Storage Freezer DHN30-5UCBBF is 5 cu. ft. freezer that has a -30°C / -22°F temperature range. It can be used as an undercounter freezer for laboratory and pharmacy use, hence it fits all my needs fully. It features an automatic defrost that comes with an adjustable thermostat, finned tube condenser, forced air circulation, half hp compressor, and evaporator for proper cooling. For more spacious interiors, it has one adjustable shelve that can be used according to our needs. That is, for keeping large blood sample bottles, you can adjust the shelf, and make space for it. The digital temperature display and alarm for efficient and safe usage make it a highly sought after blood storage refrigerator.

I would personally recommend you to buy So-Low Blood Storage refrigerator if you run a small scale clinic or laboratory. Having 1 and a half years' warranty on parts and labor, and 3.5 years' on compressor, this refrigerator meets the standard requirements of the A.A.B.B. Or if you need greater storage capacity for your hospital, I would recommend you So-Low Laboratory Blood Storage Refrigerator DHN4-52BBR. It has a storage capacity of as much as 52 cu. ft. and runs n 1°C / 34°F to 6°C / 43°F temperature range. You may find a great range of Blood Storage Refrigerators at Heater-Store. And those guys are so good that they actually provide you buying tips! A must buy from them.

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