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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Scientific Undercounter Lab Refrigerator from Aegis

I am an owner of pathological laboratory. Few days back I was looking for a new refrigerator for my laboratory. I discovered Aegis Scientific Undercounter Laboratory Refrigerator. Since then, I have been using this and it has proved to be quite effective.

Aegis Scientific Undercounter Lab Refrigerator comes with storage capacity of 3 cubic feet. It keeps the serum, medical preparations, blood and various other medical products at right temperature. One can easily know the temperature with help of digital temperature readout. It has a sturdy construction that makes it durable. Hinged door and epoxy coated wire shelves together allow easy handling. The triple thick glass door is transparent. It helps one to keep a vigil on things displayed inside.

Aegis Scientific Undercounter Laboratory Refrigerator is quite energy efficient and consumes less energy in comparison to other lab refrigerators. It proves out to be cost effective and can be purchased at reasonable rates from Cooler Direct. Zero maintenance, wire shelving are other things that make it a proffered choice. These undercounter refrigerators are available in other larger sizes too, with similar features.

This has proved the best for my laboratory till now. Hence, I recommend Aegis Scientific Undercounter Laboratory Refrigerators for most of the hospitals, laboratories and clinics. Get it today and start enjoying the benefits as I am doing.

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