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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Proper Temperatures to Store and Serve Wine

“What's the proper temperature to store and serve wine?”-My friend would often ask me this question. Me being a sommelier, she always rely on me for her wine queries. I have seen her getting over obsessive with the storage that she gets nervous about buying expensive wine. And I've been telling her only one thing- “You don't need to get obsessed about your wine storage, Kate.”

There are only few things that are required to be known, in order your wine maintains the desired taste. One is maintaining proper temperature to store wine...and second is to serve the wine well. Again, the home wine storage and restaurant wine storage differs because of different quantity of wine. For the simple fact, I told her that wine should be kept away from bright sunlight and very high temperatures. This would make your wine age quickly and taste won't deteriorate. These are the few tips that I gave her, and discussing it with you:

Storage- By this I mean how to keep the bottles? Any guesses? Horizontal positioning is the best. Firstly, it keeps the cork wet, to open it smoothly. The second benefit is that it prevents air to creep into the bottle.

Temperature Control- Like Kate, there are many people I know who do not bother to change the temperature control, because their wine experts told them a certain range. Low to mid 50's Fahrenheit is perfect for both red and white wine, it depends on various other factors. Like, your wine cellar's quality, the type of wine you have selected, wine quality, etc. So don't go by the words blindly, a little variations according to your ideologies is always good.

Dark surroundings- Just one thing, keep it away from ultra violet light rays. It can easily penetrate the darkened wine bottles, and cause the wine to degrade. Rather use incandescent lighting and keep the wine intact.

These factors will also help in selecting the right wine refrigerator. Well friends, Kate had lately followed these advices and is experiencing a trouble free wine storage! Wine Cheers!

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