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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Aegis Scientific Series 1 Laboratory Blood Storage Refrigerator

Aegis Scientific Series 1 Laboratory Blood Storage Refrigerator stores blood for a longer period of time. This refrigerator is reliable and safe for blood storage as it is capable of maintaining a constant temperature. It even quickly recovers the required temperature in a fraction of a second. Even if you open the door frequently no problem ... the refrigerator has the capability of maintaining the temperature level. Therefore, the blood samples or vaccines stored won't be affected. The lab blood storage refrigerators are exclusively designed, technical ly advanced and robust refrigerator. They do not demand much maintenance. This highly efficient Blood Bank Refrigerator can effectively preserve the blood with a temperature of 4 degree Celsius.

The Aegis Scientific Series 1 Laboratory Blood Storage Refrigerator 1-RG-75-BB model features sturdy drawer and sliding door, which makes it easy-to-use. Its drawers has roll out option that helps to pick up the correct blood bottle. In this way, other blood bottles do not get affected and are left unshaken. Some of the features that make it distinguished from other models. It has a special perforation hole that maintains uniform temperature within the unit. Further, it facilitates even air flow. This refrigerator is even capable to record temperature.

Additionally, it comes with interior duplex receptacles, and half door option. Its optional casters allows easy roll out and movement. It has the storage capacity of 75 cubic feet with three doors style. The other accessories that make it more user friendly are alarm probes, aluminum interior with cover corners, electronic temperature control and many more. This beautifully constructed top mounted refrigeration system includes key power with on / off option, and comes along specially designed hinges. Hospitals and clinic cannot function without Blood Storage Refrigerator. A regular freezer is not sufficient for storing blood. Aegis Scientific Series 1 Laboratory Blood Storage Refrigerator is one of the best refrigerator available at Cooler Direct.

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