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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

So-Low Ultra Low Temperature Freezer is an efficient unit!

So-Low Ultra Low Temperature Freezer is an efficient unit. It is a perfect design for industrial, clinical, and research use. This unit comes with quality construction, dependability, easy operation, low maintenance, and higher efficiency. Low Temperature Freezer are a perfect blend of robust refrigerator design with electronic control. Ultra Low Temperature Freezer can reach temperature as low as -121° Fahrenheit to -85° Celsius, making it a perfect place for storing critical samples with ease.

Highly advanced So-Low Ultra Low Temperature Freezer comes in two unique style - upright freezer and chest freezer. These categories also have spectrum of products to offer. To name few popular in ones in these category are So-Low Chest Freezer PH85-5, So-Low PH85-3 Chest Freezer, So-Low Premium PH85-14 Chest Freezer, Freezer PV85-18, the PV85-25 So-Low Premier Upright Freezer, So-Low Premier Upright Freezer PV85-13 and more.

So-Low Premier Upright Freezer PV85-13 comes with a storing capacity of 13 cu.ft. This unit is perfect for medical usage and can store surgical items such as syringe, blood, and other equipment at perfect temperature. It can even work under -18°C / 0°F to -85°C / -121°F. This is a vertical upright model and is ETL approved. It has cascade type refrigeration system with two hermetic compressors that help in running the units noiselessly. So-Low Premier Upright Freezer has large air cooled condenser with 5 inches of polyurethane insulation to retain low temperature for a longer period of time. For more information about this product and other So-Low Ultra Low Temperature Freezer, visit Cooler Direct now!

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