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Friday, May 2, 2008

Greenway Water Coolers

I have been to market recently to purchase an efficient water cooler. The salesperson tried to show water coolers sold by different known and unknown brands. He showed all the possible new coolers with unique features. His efforts seem to be of no use as they did not match my needs. Some did but I was not persuaded to buy them. I hopped from shop to another but still nothing was up to my expectation. I thought that it would be better to leave the shop and move to some other place. There it seemed that I knew more than the salesperson. There I met one of the old friend, he suggested me to go for coolers at Cooler Direct. This site has brilliant range and definitely would be able to find something. When I logged on to the website I was amazed to see the brilliant collection. Finally, I came across Greenway Countertop Water Dispenser.

This countertop water dispenser serves clean drinking water both hot and cold with just a push of button. The extraordinary EZ heat feature activates the dispensing of hot water from the dispenser. This hot water can also be used for preparing beverages, soups, instant two minute noodles, etc. The child proof safety lock makes it quite safe for small children at home. Further spill proof bottle holder makes does not allow the water to spill, keeping the counter clean. With all these excellent features, this water cooler's best part is its compact size. As per your needs - office or home, you can keep it anywhere for suitable assistance. This cooler has been my favorite. If you have been thinking till now to have a water cooler, own the perfect Greenway water cooler now. It will not take time to be your eye candy.

Over the period of time it has proved its worth and strengthened my faith on brand. I freely tell people to buy this cooler without any second thought. If anyone takes my suggestion, I always suggest him/her to get this Water Cooler Dispenser.

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