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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Drawer Freezers for Efficient Cooling

Drawer Freezers are excellent refrigeration units. I recently bought one from Cooler Direct, a store exclusive for refrigerators and freezers. The one I got is a three-drawer stainless steel unit from Summit Appliances.

This Drawer Freezer has a complete stainless steel finish, both outside and inside. It has three heavy drawers with stainless steel towel bar handles that make it comfortable and handy for use. Some other features of the unit include its energy-efficient design, manual defrost, adjustable thermostat, external readout thermometer, high temperature alarm, and adjustable dolly.

I have placed my Drawer Freezer in the kitchen as a freestanding unit. However, this unit can also be used as an under counter freezer. It is U.L. Approved, and hence, can also be used for professional purposes. For those who are looking for a simpler unit, there is a similar model available without external readout thermometer and high temperature alarm.

The best part of this freezer is that unlike door refrigerators, it loses very little cold air when the drawers are opened, thus resulting in good cooling. Also, locating food stuff inside a drawer refrigerator is easier.

I got my Drawer Freezer from Cooler Direct store at an discounted price. For those who wish to buy a refrigeration unit, browse through the store once, and who knows, something might catch your fancy!

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