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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Vertex Water Coolers: Purity at it's best

When it comes to drinking water, it is imperative to get only the best. Vertex is a name that has made a mark for itself in the water cooler industry. The experts at Vertex are engineers with good knowledge of water cooler dispenser technology. They apply this knowledge to the design and selection of water cooler dispensers to provide safe, clean water for your home.

Take the Vertex POU Hot/ Cold Countertop Water Cooler, for instance. This bottleless Vertex Water Cooler comes with a 2-temperature system that provides pure, filtered water and is an ideal product for your office! It looks great and can easily blend with any decor. UL and ETL approved, it features a LED indicator for hot and cold water in the front, safety lock for hot water faucet, adjustable thermostat and a high efficiency sealed compressor.

You can also consider the compact Lo Profile Countertop Water Cooler by Vertex. This POU water cooler can fit under your kitchen cabinets and has a dual temperature system which gives both hot and cold water at optimum temperatures. Only 16 inches in height, it features a LED indicator in the front, a high efficiency compressor and an on/off switch to control hot and cold functions. ETL and UL approved, it also has a built in moisture sensor which shuts off water when leaking occurs and an automatic tank full control.

Vertex uses proven technology and the highest quality materials available in the construction and design of their water dispensers. These ensure that the unwanted contaminants and additives found in the water are cleared. You can browse through the various Vertex Water Coolers models available at the Cooler Direct store, and choose from their vast collection.

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