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Friday, April 11, 2008

Top Freezer Refrigerators

There are different types of freezers refrigerators available in market. Top freezer refrigerators are the most popular among them. They are basically available with single door and double door models. These fridge have a compact body and dual evaporator cooling system that provides separate evaporators for fresh food and freezer sections.

The U.L approved Full Size Refrigerator Freezer has the following features - 100% CFC free, energy efficient design, door storage for large bottles, manual defrost, reversible door, interior light, adjustable wire shelves, fruit and vegetable crisper and adjustable thermostat. Similarly, there are other models available in varying capacities.

Summit's Two Door Refrigerator Freezer with separate unit for freezer and refrigerated foods to keep your food frozen. This model has the freezer that can easily keep frozen canned food, ice creams and packaged meals. As this compartment has different compressor, the usage of fridge does not cause problem to the fruits and vegetables kept in main refrigerator. Hence, as per your requirement - either for use in office, homes, restaurants, etc., go for the model that is right for you.

Cooler Direct offers a comprehensive range of top freezer refrigerators, which are at par with the industry standards. Good brands like Haier Appliances and Summit Appliances, keep adding new products to the range. This helps them in promptly meeting the demands of the consumers. If you are inclined to buy a new top freezer refrigerator, visit the Top Freezer Refrigerator category, where you can compare the features and know more about product. At this store, the products are available at discounted rates

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