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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oasis Coolers

Oasis Coolers are the worldwide industry leaders offering Oasis bottled and point of use water coolers for homes and offices. There are different types of Oasis Coolers available. These include Hot/ Cold Water Coolers, POU Water Coolers and Cold Water Coolers. If any part of these coolers needs to be repaired in the long run, then Oasis Coolers offer Water Cooler Accessories and parts also.

The coolers offered by Oasis are known for their durability and high quality. Their cooler models are a unique blend of efficiency and user friendliness. The Oasis Economy Cook N Cold Water Dispenser, for instance, has easy to install components that prevent leaks and spills during the bottle change. They have special overflow protection facility also.

If in the office, if you want to prepare soup/ coffee/ tea, it's easy. The model has the facility to provide hot water for instant preparation. Similarly, you have cold water for quenching your thirst anytime. The adjustable thermostat, one piece tray, energy efficient design, expandable polystyrene makes it a popular model. It is known for good performance in the long run and company provides prompt customer support services. Oasis Coolers are available at Cooler Direct at special discounted prices.

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