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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Undercounter Medical Refrigerators and Freezers

Under counter medical refrigerators and freezers are the need of the time. It is an important item used for storage in laboratories and medical institutions. Basically there are three types of under counter medical refrigerators and freezers :

*Undercounter Medical Refrigerator / Freezer Combo
* Undercounter Medical Refrigerators
* Undercounter Medical Freezers

Seeing the growing demand from medical institutions, manufacturers have come up with new and improvised range of medical freezers and refrigerators. Now, these are available in different models to meet the demands of the medical industry.

I am a clinical supervisor and have recently purchased a Undercounter Medical Refrigerator of 6.1 cu. ft. capacity. It is a So-Low MV4-6UCR unit. Before purchasing it, I decided the area where it would be placed and then calculated the size. I then browsed through the Cooler Direct store to find a suitable unit. I opted for the U.L. Approved, upright unit with 3 shelves, forced air ventilation, automatic defrosting and power coating exterior finish. This unit also features rounded corners that help in easy cleaning of the refrigerator. The temperature of the unit ranges between 1°C to 7°C and maintains conducive condition for storing lab product. The other prominent features of this unit include minimum temperature fluctuations, minimum maintenance and high efficiency.

A comprehensive range of Undercounter Medical Refrigerators and Freezers are available at the Cooler Direct store. The units are all available at discounted prices.

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