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Monday, March 10, 2008

Refrigerators & Freezers for Flammable / Explosive Material Storage

Hazardous and flammable materials used in medical laboratories, factories or at other such places require special storage to avoid any kind of explosion. Cooler Direct store brings forth an exclusive range of Medical Appliances that includes Flammable and Explosive Material Storage Refrigerators and Freezers to help you store all kinds of flammable and explosive materials with great convenience and without any danger.

These Flammable and Explosive Material Storage units are available in assorted models, designs, sizes, finishes and range. The units are accompanied with medically approved, efficient features and provide smooth and problem-free performance for several years.

Some medical material may burn violently at high temperature when in contact with oxygen rich conditions. Such materials require special licensing and precautions. These need to be stored under a particular temperature at a preferable condition. The Flammable / Explosive Material Storage units help in safely accommodating such products.

These units are specially designed in a way to store and preserve specific flammable, violent and volatile products. With sturdy construction and powerful features, these storage units avoid the risk of unwanted accidents.

An exclusive and efficient variety of Flammable & Explosion Proof Medical Refrigerators & Freezers are offered by Cooler Direct Store at reasonable prices. All these units are certified and approved by reliable sources to provide you safety assurance. Yet, to avoid any kind of major or minor mishap, it is recommended to keep these units away from process areas, in a safe, isolated and well-ventilated part of the building.

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