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Thursday, March 13, 2008

POU Water Cooler Dispensers: Pure and Safe

Water coolers are a great addition to your home for getting clean and safe hot/cold water. Today's Water Cooler Dispensers are equipped with new technology that can easily remove all contaminants from water, including harmful substances like chlorine, hard metals like magnesium and calcium, sediment and other pathogens.

Point-Of-Use Water Cooler Dispensers offer contemporary styling with proven cooling technology. Providing a continuous water supply, there's no need to worry about spills or changing bulky water bottles. Available with or without a water treatment system, the POU Water Cooler Dispensers are manufactured to the best standards for quality and dependability.

The Oasis Cook N Cold POU Water Cooler Dispenser, for instance, serves lukewarm water for cooking, in addition to cold water. It connects directly to the water supply and can accommodate almost any filtration system. It comes with features like an adjustable thermostat and drip receptor which can be removed easily. This sleek model is available in a choice of black and white colors.

It is recommended that you seek a professional plumber to attach the filter. The POU Water Cooler Dispenser doesn’t need much maintenance and shouldn’t cause any problems during use. You can browse through Cooler Direct for more options.

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