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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Low Temperature Medical Freezers: Reliability Assured

Doctors and nurses cannot give their best if they aren't aided with the right kind of medical equipment. One of the most essential equipment is the Medical Freezer (to -40 degree Celsius). Hospitals and clinics are so accustomed to their use, that their existence almost goes unnoticed.

Medical Freezers (up to -40 degree Celsius) are low temperature freezers that are designed to meet the requirements for research, clinical and industrial applications. These high performance, heavy duty medical freezers are easy to use and require minimal maintenance.

The So-Low Upright Medical Freezer, for instance comes with a huge capacity of 13 cu. ft (370 Liters). With a temperature range of 0°C to -40°C, this highly efficient unit can be used in warm temperature environments. This ETL approved Medical & Laboratory Freezer consumes 115 volts of electricity and comes with 12 month's warranty. It's tamper proof digital temperature control shows 2 readings: the actual temperature of the unit and the set temperature of the freezer. There is also a scan button to set the temperature control, for added convenience.

Browse through the vast range of Medical Freezers (up to -40 degree Celsius) at the Cooler Direct store and get great deals on all products. Remember, you can't take risks when it comes to saving a life.

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