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Friday, March 7, 2008

Lab & Pharmacy Refrigerator

Refrigeration requirements for medical setups like labs and pharmacies are different from the normal household requirement. It is therefore important to use heavy duty, medical refrigerators in such setups.

There are four types of Lab & Pharmacy Refrigerators to choose from. These include:-
- Chromatography Refrigerators
- Pass-Thru Refrigerators
- Laboratory and Pharmacy Refrigerators with Drawers
- Standard Laboratory and Pharmacy Refrigerators

All these refrigerators are U.L. listed. These units are capable of maintaining really low temperatures. There are units that maintain -1 degrees Celsius to 8 degrees Celsius temperatures and some others that maintain -2 degrees Celsius to10 degrees Celsius temperatures. One can choose small, 24 cubic feet single door units or large, 85 cubic feet three door units. Two door units are also available - the Standard Laboratory and Pharmacy Refrigerators, for instance, are available as single door units, double door units as well as three door units.

The Cooler Direct store has a range of Lab & Pharmacy Medical Refrigerators to choose from. These high quality refrigerators are a product of So-Low Medical Appliances.

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