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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cryogenic Storage Systems

Cryogenic Storage Systems are widely used in the medical industry for storing cells. As a scientist, I have used the system. It provides maximum storage capacity and has a lid that ensures security. It also features a stainless steel rack and fire box. Available in polycarbonate boxes with three years vacuum warranty, they are really apt for usage. But keep in mind to wear heavy safety gloves, face shields and other safety equipment while removing vials from storage.

If you want to buy one of the Cryogenic Storage Systems offered by So Low Medical Appliances, then visit the Cooler Direct store. Here you can easily find systems with varying capacities. The H176-6000-C So-Low Cryogenic Storage System, for instance, contains 100 cells and has an economical evaporation rate of 0.99 liters per day. Its numbered rack system makes identification and retrieval of stored cryogenic boxes easy. It has a working time of 104 days and low vapor temperature of -185 degree C. It also features a secured lock system.

In comparison to other stores, the product is attractively priced at Cooler Direct. Browse through the site to get a detailed feature list of various Cryogenic Storage Systems. This will help you in analyzing and evaluating you needs and making a wiser decision at the time of purchasing it.

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