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Monday, March 24, 2008

Compact Wine Coolers: Truly Unique

If you're someone who is fond of wine but don't have a vast collection to showcase, the Compact Wine Coolers are the best option for you. These coolers preserve the taste of your wines for days together by maintaining an optimum temperatures for both red or white wine. They look sleek and don't take up unnecessary space.

Compact Wine Coolers hold one to three bottles of wine and they are ideal when you are in a compact living arrangement. If you’re worried about your kitchen or table space becoming cluttered, these models may be for you. Most models of these coolers are portable as well so you can carry your wines along on your next trip!

The Vinotemp Compact Wine Cooler is an attractive free-standing cellar with double paned glass door and thermostatic temperature control. It maintains optimum temperature and comes equipped with sturdy shelf racking for individual bottle storage.

Compact Wine Coolers are available in sleek designs and with varying features. These sleek coolers are offered by a number of popular brands including Haier, Danby, Sunpentown and Vinotemp. There are also Compact Thermoelectric Wine Coolers available. The advantages of thermoelectric cooling are numerous. For instance, thermoelectric devices are smaller than the conventional cooling components (e.g. evaporators, compressors, and condensers), and as a result, save space and weight.

Compact Wine Coolers are great space savers, fitting in almost any space you have. With a reversible door swing, automatic defrost and adjustable shelving to make space for up to 24 bottles, they make the perfect companion for home, office or business. You can browse through these must-have appliances online and find great deals on some of these brands.

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