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Monday, March 17, 2008

12V Freezers / 12V Coolers

12V Freezers / 12V Coolers are efficient and portable units that keep food and drinks cold. Available in different sizes, these can be used in homes and can also be put to commercial use.

An excellent model of 12V Cooler is the Engel 12Volt Freezer / Refrigerator. With only one moving part, the Swing compressor of Engel Coolers is considered the most reliable compressor in the world. This unit provides heating, refrigeration and freezing capabilities, all in one compact unit. The other features of this unit include variable temperature control, CFC Free-environmentally friendly refrigerant gas, etc. The unit cools from 40°F to 0°F and heats to 130°F. It is self-lubricating and functions even when tilted to 30°.

This 12V Freezer / Refrigerator features variable temperature control and can be converted to a freezer just by twisting its knob. Its DC cord can be plugged in into the cigarette lighter socket of the vehicle and it is ready to function. An optional AC adapter is also available to run the unit off a regular 120 V electrical outlet.

The 12V Freezers / 12V Coolers are available at the Cooler Direct store at discounted prices. Browse through the site to have a look at some more of these 12V cooler units.

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