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Friday, February 29, 2008

Ultralow Temperature Medical Freezers

Freezers provide good and efficient cooling but when it comes to maintaining very low temperatures, the regular freezers do not work. For maintaining low temperatures, that is, as low as -85 degrees Celsius, heavy duty freezers are required.

These ultra low temperature freezers are a necessity for medical setups like clinics and hospitals. They are also used for research requirements and industrial purposes. These high performance medical freezers require little maintenance. They are available in two styles – Chest Medical Freezers and Upright Medical Freezers.

The Ultralow Temperature Chest Medical Freezers are available in various sizes. The smallest unit available is of 3 cu. ft. and the largest one measures 27 cu. ft. The PH85-14 is an Ultralow Temperature Chest Freezer from So-Low Medical Appliances. Its temperature ranges between -18 degrees Celsius to -85 degrees Celsius. This sturdy unit features two hermetic type compressors and a large air cooled condenser. It has ETL electrical approval for easy and safe operation.

The other style in medical freezers is the Ultralow Temperature Upright Medical Freezer. These upright freezers range from 13 cu. ft. capacity to 30 cu. ft. capacity and can maintain temperatures from -18 degrees Celsius to -85 degrees Celsius. The PV85-21 Ultra Low Upright Freezer, for example, is a 22 cu. ft. unit that provides noise free, rapid cooling. Like the Chest Medical Freezer, this unit also, features two hermetic type compressors and a large air cooled condenser. It has a cascade type refrigeration system with heavy gauge construction and copper tubing. This durable and sturdy unit is highly recommended for laboratory purposes.

The Cooler Direct store has a huge range of Ultra Low Temperature Freezers to choose from. Browse through the store to get a detailed feature list of their various medical freezer.

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