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Friday, February 8, 2008

Side by Side Refrigerator - An Ideal Cooling Appliance!

Side by Side Refrigerators are unique and wonderful appliances that serve multiple purposes at a time. As the name suggests, Side by Side Refrigerators are cooling units with twin doors along side. With double doors side by side, these units provide loads of storage capacity to accommodate plenty of stuff. Also known as French Door Refrigerators, these units are available with or without a water dispenser. The water dispenser is attached with the door and allows you to have cold water without opening the fridge.

These multi functional and spacious refrigerators offer innovative features with dynamic working. They have adjustable and removable interior drawer and shelves, and provide convenient storage for all kinds of beverages, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and other fresh & frozen food. Generally, these appliances use two separate evaporators to create different climates for both fresh food and freezer compartments.

Most of these units are energy star qualified and come with cyclic defrost and energy saving design. With separate humidity level and temperature, these refrigerators offer non-stop, rapid and perfect cooling and preserve both the fresh and frozen food for a longer duration. An exclusive and efficient collection of these units are available in the market in assorted sizes, styles, colors, models and range.

Side by Side Refrigerators are designed to make your kitchen more beautiful and functional. So get one of these useful and advantageous refrigerators right now! For more cooling appliances, just browse through the Cooler Direct site. It offers a holistic range of Freezers and Refrigerators at reasonable prices.

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