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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Outdoor Cart Refrigerators : Spacious and Convenient!

For all the people who often, like to throw parties outdoor, in their patio, on a beach, some other spot or tailgating, Outdoor Cart Refrigerators are a must have. An Outdoor Cart Refrigerator is a durable and handy unit that provides great serving convenience for outdoor gatherings and feasts. Being compact and spacious, these units come with built-in compartments to provide lots of storage area. Plenty of food, beverages and dairy products can be easily accommodated in these appliances.

With a standard width of 61 inches, these appliances are available in assorted shapes, models, designs and price ranges. Made of high grade stainless steel, these appliances, generally, come with an automatic defrosting system to provide unhampered cooling. With three exterior storage shelves and deep interior storage shelves, these carts allow you to keep and preserve ample amounts of cakes, pies, pizzas, soft drinks, hard drinks, ice creams, fruits, vegetables and provides enough room for ice storage. The convenient door swing, sturdy handles and counter top makes the usability of this refrigerator more convenient. With a bottle opener, you can open your beer bottles in an instant and the movable rollers help you take advantage of it's easy mobility without much effort.

A selective range of these Outdoor appliances are easily available at the Cooler Direct Store. For instance, Cart OS from Summit, is a wonderful and spacious cart refrigerator that comes with all the above mentioned features and could easily be assembled in one carton for easy shipping.

To buy one of these attractive and multipurpose units, just browse through the Cooler Direct store, where you can, also, find a holistic range of other Refrigerators and Freezers.

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