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Monday, February 4, 2008

Mini Bar Refrigerators for Max Entertainment

With the way our alcohol collection is growing, it is important to store them the right way so that the flavor remains intact. A simple solution to this is adding a Mini Bar Refrigerator to your den. This will keep your precious drinks safe and they will last longer. If on the other hand, you own a hotel, and want to give your guests the luxury of having their own bar in their rooms, these mini fridges are the ideal option.

Mini-Bar Refrigerators are usually available as Semi-conductor Mini Bar Refrigerators and Absorption Mini Bar Refrigerators. These models are small compact portable refrigerators that can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes. The semi-conductor ones cool with the help of a thermoelectric board and the Absorption models cool by using ammonia. Both these models function noiselessly so you don't have to worry about your guests complaining about it.

The Summit MB44L for instance is a CFC-free and environmental friendly mini bar refrigerator. It uses absorption technology and features a mounted lock approved by most local health departments. It has a reversible door swing and at only 16 inches wide, it is ideal for hotels, offices, and for convenient beverage storage in bedrooms or dens. Model MB44L comes complete with a non-refrigerated shelf and viewing window.

Mini Bar Refrigerators are a great way of showcasing your liquor collection to your friends or keeping an assortment of alcoholic beverages for your guests. You can browse through a wide range of Mini Bar Refrigerators at the Cooler Direct Store.

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