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Monday, February 4, 2008

Full Size Refrigerator-Freezers: Convenient Units for Homes

A Refrigerator-Freezer is a useful appliance that comes including a zero degree freezer compartment and is ideal for personal usage. This unit is available in different shapes, colors, sizes, models and price ranges. Cooler Direct offers you an exclusive series of these branded units at affordable prices. A Full Size Refrigerator-Freezer is perfect for you if you don't wish to spend money on buying a refrigerator and a freezer separately for your home.

Full Size Refrigerator-Freezers come with wonderful and dynamic features like adjustable thermostat and cyclic defrosting - manual for the freezer and automatic for refrigerator section- to provide unhampered and rapid cooling. Usually, these units come with an interior light, adjustable wire shelves, fruit & vegetable crisper, dairy compartment, freezer shelf and door storage area that provides ample storage capacity to store plenty of products. Some full size refrigerator-freezers can have single opaque door and some can have two separate doors for both the compartments. Most of these units come with UL certification and are 100% CFC free to be suitable for residential and commercial purposes.

Made of high grade material like stainless steel, Refrigerator-Freezer units are easy to use and come with long lasting durability. The spacious interior of these units allows you to accommodate loads of food stuffs, beverages and dairy products and keep them safe from bacteria for days. With a special lock system, you can keep these convenient freestanding units at any corner of your kitchen or room.

You can find an extensive range of durable and efficient Refrigerators-Freezers at Cooler Direct store. All you need is to browse through this site at leisure and pick one of your choice of cooling or freezing appliances.

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