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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Freezerless Refrigerators for ample storage!

If you are looking for a spacious cooling appliance to store plenty of food and beverages, a durable and spacious Freezerless Refrigerator would be the best choice. Freezerless Refrigerator is a sturdy appliance that does not include a freezer compartment and has a modified roomy interior. The whole unit is strictly and specifically made for cooling purpose. Having impressive and effective features, these generous appliances come with an energy efficient design to cut down your expenditure on huge electricity bills.

These refrigerators without freezers are ideal for homes where consumption of food is high. These units could also be used in office pantries, individual stores, hotel rooms, restaurants, bars and other such places which require to store loads of eatables. Having large storage capacity with sturdy interiors, a Freezerless refrigerator can easily store plenty of fruits, vegetables, cakes, pizza base, beverages and other such perishable products. These units generally come with an automatic defrosting system, fan forced compressor and a controlled thermostat to provide unhampered rapid cooling. With UL certification, these units are perfect for personal as well as commercial usage.

You can get a holistic range of Freezerless Refrigerators from Cooler Direct Store at reasonable prices. An assorted series of Compact Freezerless Refrigerators, Full-size Freezerless Refrigerators and Under Counter Freezerless Refrigerators are available in different styles, shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Renowned brands like Summit, Sunpentown, Vinotemp and others offer a selective range of these appliances. For more information, visit the Cooler Direct site.

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