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Monday, February 11, 2008

Energy Efficient Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

I recently bought a Bottom Freezer Refrigerator for my home. This energy efficient refrigerator is very convenient to use. It is a CP-171SS Full Size Refrigerator Freezer from Summit Appliances. The refrigerator has double doors, one for the top section and other for the section below. The top section is for refrigeration purpose and is bigger than the lower, freezer section. It has adjustable wire shelves which give me ample space to store food items. It has two dual-crispers and the door has multiple shelves for storing large bottles.

Frequently opening the refrigerator door results in ineffective freezer cooling. But with this refrigerator, I don't have to worry about my ice-cream turning loose. Since the freezer section of the refrigerator is separate, its cooling does not get affected. Its crispers are also well located. I don't have to bend down frequently to take out fruits and vegetables.

I bought this Bottom Freezer Refrigerator from the Cooler Direct store. You can browse through their site to have a look at this unit. It is also available in black and white finish.

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