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Friday, February 15, 2008

Designer Bottled Water Coolers for Offices

I was pretty satisfied with the bottled water cooler I purchased for my office. With the extensive range of bottled water coolers available in the market, I was kinda confused in the beginning as to which one to choose. But, thanks to Joseph for introducing me to this extensive online cooler store that helped clear all my worries. Now I have got a compact and stylish bottled water cooler that has all that I was looking for in a water cooler.

Prior to using these bottled water coolers, I had those mineral water glasses for everyone in the office. Did you just ask me why? Well, I actually did not like the idea of having those long, conventional, blue colored bottle, lying tirelessly on a white colored cooler. But I was happily surprised to find a designer water cooler, with a smart sleek look, which was quite different from the old fashioned coolers.

This cooler has clean lines, sleek curves, and platinum body that represents nothing but top of the range designer Bottled Water Coolers. Coming to describing its features, it requires no sanitation whatsoever, all thanks to its disposable water trail system! When I need to sterilize it, all I do is replace the water trail system. The sleek push button styled taps and the quality finish of the Cooler makes it all the more stunning.

I really liked this bottled water cooler and my employees are liking it too. It has successfully replaced the mineral water glasses. Cheers for that!

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