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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Chest Freezers - Types and Functions

If you are planning to buy a new freezer that can store frozen food for days then Chest Freezers are the best option. They have high storing capacity and consume less space. They makes your home look neat and also give you frozen food whenever you need.

Chest Freezers are available with renowned brands like Vinotemp, Sunpentown and Haier. They are known for their high energy efficiency and better cold retaining power. Their features include manual defrost system, adjustable temperature control, adjustable thermostat, interior light, rollers and many more.

There are many types of Chest freezers, namely, Compact, Large, Low Temperature and, Stabilized Low Temperature.

Compact Chest Freezer- It is the best option for those looking for high capacity freezers that occupy less space. With good cooling power and features, they are a complete bliss!

Large Chest Freezers- They are mostly used for commercial refrigeration purposes. They come in different styles and functions according to the needs of the user.

Low Temp Freezers- They are ideal for laboratory use as they can maintain temperatures as low as -30 degrees and even -40 degrees Celsius. They are specially insulated for better energy efficiency and are available with warning lights and locks.

Stabilized Low Temp Freezers- These have an ice bank and unique dual input digital thermostat for best cooling and protection from power interruptions. They are generally available in various temperature ranges.

Certain things need to be kept in mind while using these freezers. Firstly, these freezers work more efficiently when kept two-third full and secondly, their electricity consumption increases with an increase in food storage.
A range of Chest Freezers are available at the Cooler Direct store.

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