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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Outdoor Refrigerators - Convenience Personified

Refrigerators are an intrinsic part of everyone's day to day life. It's a necessity you cannot do without. Outdoor Refrigerators are one of the most popular and widely used appliances that provide great storage capacity and preserve food and beverages from harmful elements. With 100 % weatherproof protection against bacteria and other microbes, an Outdoor Refrigerator makes your food last for longer durations.

Outdoor Refrigerators are wonderful and portable units which can be stored anywhere with great ease. Mostly, these appliances come with a UL approval that makes them ideal for both commercial and non commercial usage. Being portable and lightweight, these convenient units can be kept at home, offices, restaurants, bars, bakeries, small stores and other shops.

Outdoor Refrigerators are available in assorted shapes, sizes, colors, range and models. Three basic models of these appliances that are currently available in the market are All-refrigerator that come with a thick opaque door or glass door - with see-through visibility and Drawer style - with three separate pull-out drawers. All the models feature superior grade Stainless Steel built, a fan cooled compressor, adjustable thermostat and an automatic defrosting system to provide superb, rapid and instant cooling. With flexible interior shelves, storage becomes accommodating and comfortable. An interior light helps in easily locating the stuff. All the models are designed to be energy efficient to prevent unnecessary wastage of electricity.

Although these units are compact in size, yet can accommodate plenty of foodstuff in an arranged manner with great comfort. Popular brands like Summit, Haier, Sunpentown, Marvel, Vinotemp and others offer a wide range of Outdoor Refrigerators. Most of the popular Outdoor units are available at the Cooler Direct store.

Cooler Direct also offers a wide range of other refrigerators and freezers from renowned brands at comparatively lower prices. So, if you are looking to buy any of the cooling appliances, you know where to find them!

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