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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Freestanding Beer Dispenser - For Ample Beer, Instantly!

Freestanding Beer Dispensers, stand-alone units, are designed to store large capacity / volume of beer. It is helpful to serve family or friends at any occasion. Being freestanding, these appliances are ideal for places that have ample open space to store them with ease. They can also be kept in smartly designed compact spaces. For example, your compact kitchen, if it is smartly structured with good enough open space, then a Freestanding Beer Dispenser can easily be accommodated into it. (very long sentence)

Renowned manufacturers like Summit, Danby, Haier, etc., are coming up with wonderful and stylish models of these Freestanding Beer Dispensers. These freestanding units look more like a refrigerator, though the interior is designed to hold nice volume of beer kegs. On top of the cabinet, there is a beer dispensing tower-tap, which is generally made of chrome material, and is guarded by chrome rail from three sides. The tower dispenser pours the beer out, in the glass, with force to create froth that makes the taste of beer more tempting.

My father has purchased a Freestanding Beer Dispenser by Summit appliances, from the Cooler Direct online store. This Summit Freestanding Beer Dispenser. This model has a capacity to store 1 beer keg, that allows us to serve ample amount of beer to our guests, in one go. This black model comes with an automatic defrost system, and other wonderful features to provide long lasting durability. It is designed to serve the dual purpose of modern style & convenience. It not only dispenses beer in a great flow, but also adds charm to our bar space. We have received so many compliments for this freestanding unit.

Many a times my friends come over to party, and I must say this Freestanding Beer Dispenser never let me down by running out of beer. In fact, one of my friend has also bought the similar Freestanding Beer Dispenser for his apartment, as he can't do without beer, be it any time. If you too are a beer enthusiast and looking for such an appliance, I would recommend you to visit the mentioned store and browse through their Freestanding Beer Dispensers' range. I bet you can find more than what you are actually looking for, at the most competitive price.

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Jenn Air Appliances

Jenn Air Appliances presents a wide range of products that brings ease, convenience, quality, and comfort into your home. At Cooler Direct you find quality kitchen appliances like ice maker, refrigerator, and beverage center available at reasonable price. Each product designed by Jenn Air Appliances is meets the needs of the customer, and offers higher performance.

Are you looking for a wine cellar? If yes, then browse through Jenn Air Appliances range. You will come across Under Counter Wine Coolers that are available in varying dimension, capacities, and designs. Here you find the perfect choice of undercounter design, which allows you to setup a configuration for your available space or room. Beside wine cooler, you also check out for wine cellars by Jenn Air Appliances.

You can go for stylish Under Counter Wine Cellar that can store 46 bottles with space for 6 magnums. This highly advanced wine cellar by Jenn Air Appliances comes with adjustable temperature control and dual temperature zones that helps in storing wine at different temperature. Additionally, it comes with an ultraviolet resistant thermal glass door to protect wine from harmful rays and light, and an automatic interior light. Its five roll-out racks with stainless steel ball bearing rollers provide easy access into the unit.

For serving chilled drinks there are Ice Maker also available. This self contained ice maker requires no installation and is a compact design. It can make three different sizes of ice cubes. This Jenn Air Appliances ice maker is ideal for boats, home bars, recreation rooms, and other places.

If you are looking for an Automatic Undercounter Ice Maker that comes with 25 lbs capacity, then Jenn Air Appliances has one for you. With this ice maker you never run out of ice. It is capable of producing 50 pounds of ice in every 24 hours. Not just that this unit is even capable of storing 25 pounds as well. Additionally, this ice maker comes with a reversible door swing, lighted storage bin, and hidden controls. All these combines together making easy access to ice. The kitchen appliances from Jenn Air Appliances are easy to use and add comfort to your life. To know more about stylish utility items by Jenn Air Appliances, visit Cooler Direct.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Side by Side Refrigerator: An elaborate design

Side by Side Refrigerators have gained huge popularity these days. In the past, most refrigerator available in the market looked same and offered more or less the same feature. Buying refrigerator did not require much time as there were only a few selected brands to choose from. Gone are the days when you had limited choices. There are a number of brands available in the market. The Cooler Direct store, for instance, has a number of refrigerators. The best among all is Side by Side Refrigerator which comes with number of features, varying styles, magnificent color, etc. Buying a refrigerator these days is full of options.

The Side by Side Refrigerator is good for storing food and keeping them fresh. It uses a state-of-art technology. Side by Side Refrigerators are known for their stylish look. If you are looking out for a refrigerator with twin doors and at the same time you want it to occupy less floor space, then these are the ones! You can swing their doors open and store as much as food items as you want. These can fit into any size kitchen. The features include pull out freezer drawer that keeps food frozen and dual door that is fully refrigerated. The Side by Side Refrigerator solves dual purpose of freezer and refrigerator. Other than standard features there are some side by side refrigerators that come with a built-in water dispenser. This helps in getting chilled drinking water without even opening its door. Isn't it something new! Add it to your kitchen and enjoy the difference.

You can even go for Side by Side Refrigerators. These have bottom freezers, that is, refrigeration unit at the top and a freezer at the bottom. It occupies little space in your cupboard or kitchen cabinet. It is quite a space saving refrigerator design.

While buying a Side by Side Refrigerator, there are few things one must keep in mind. These include the capacity of the unit and its interior flexibility. There are some models where one can increase or decrease the storage space by adjusting the shelves and bins.

Side by Side Refrigerators are just amazing, isn't it! Log on to the Cooler Direct store to get a vast range of Side by Side Refrigerators. Make your choice now!

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summit Freezerless Refrigerator - A User Friendly Unit

Summit freezerless refrigerators have attracted customers, who don't a want freezer but large space for keeping different food delicacies. These freezerless units help you keep jellies, cake preparations, packaged juices, fruits, vegetables, beverages, cans, cold drinks, daily perishable items, and other things. The use of Summit freezerless refrigerators is not limited to household use. They can be freely used at commercial places also. I have seen one at my next door store. There the owner uses it for health drinks, beverage cans and mineral water.

You might be thinking whether freezerless refrigerators available in different sizes. Yes, and in various designs too. Some of these have separate fruit and vegetable baskets also. For my home, I have purchased a Undercounter Summit Freezerless Refrigerator. It is an easy to use unit with complete defrosting system. The large number of options include - door storage for keeping bottles of different shapes and sizes; interior lights that help in picking the thing with ease; and adjustable shelves.

I make optimum utilization of this feature during different parties that I host. I prepare health drink in good quantity and chill it in a big jar. All I have to do is remove one of the shelves and my jar easily fits inside the refrigerator.

Frankly speaking, there were certain features of this Summit Freezerless Refrigerator whose purpose I was not aware about. It was only when I started using the unit that I came to know about them. One such feature is its internal circulation fan ( I didn't knew the purpose). But later on I came to know that it helps in improving the efficiency of the model. I think, I took the right decision by purchasing this Summit Freezerless Refrigerator. The features of this model are not limited. It also has reversible door swing, lock option (side lock or keypad lock), alarm and many others.

Oops!! Forgot to tell you that my Summit Freezerless Refrigerator is an undercounter unit with 24 inch width and 60 inch height. So it doesn't require much space and most important of all it is very easy to use. I have purchased this Summit Freezerless Refrigerator from the Cooler Direct store at discounted prices. If you are looking for Summit Freezerless Refrigerator, then visit Cooler Direct.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Outdoor Refrigerator For Better Life

Outdoor Refrigerator is very useful appliance. I recently discovered its importance. Few days back I was invited to a birthday party of my friend. She has arranged the party outdoors in the pleasant weather. Her patio was very well decorated and in a corner had a small elegant looking appliance. This was an outdoor refrigerator that helped her in serving the chilled drinks at frequent intervals. The best thing about the party was she was always around to attend the guests gracefully. It was her outdoor refrigerator that allowed her to quickly take out the drink, fruit cream and other delicacies. She could very well make use of the fridge top. After the party, I asked my friend, about her elegant designed outdoor refrigerator. She told me that it was purchased by her a month back from Cooler Direct. I also wanted to have one ... so logged on the site. There I came across different types of outdoor refrigerator offered by popular brands.

Summit Outdoor Refrigerator has an elegant stainless steel exterior, which makes it rust free and long lasting. It can withstand rugged conditions and seem to be suitable option for stores, exhibitions, etc. This unit has a glass cover that keeps the food and drinks at display making it easier for the customer to select the right one for themselves. There are large shelves, which allow you to keep bottles and other food stuff safely. It keeps the things cool and the hidden evaporator further helps in maintaining the perfect temperature. You can store a large amount of drinks in this outdoor refrigerator. Summit Outdoor Refrigerator ensures a safe service too. In order to keep the edible materials safe, it has front lock also available. All these services are being provided without any hike in the electricity bill.

Marvel is also known for its range of outdoor refrigerators. It comes with separate compartment for ice and other materials. The ice compartment has temperature range from 5 degrees to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. It maintains the temperature between 33 degrees and 45 degrees, for beverage area. Thus Marvel Outdoor Refrigerator allows you to store large amount of ice too. This ice compartment can easily produce about 2 lbs of ice each day. This economical unit proves to be very useful. You can use this refrigerator in any patio or backyard. You don't need to move in every time to get the drinks and fruits, as this Outdoor Refrigerator is always there to assist. For my backyard, I have purchased this unit.

Browse through Coolerdirect in order to know more about Outdoor Refrigerator.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wine Cooler Top Brands

The wine cooler top brands always have something new to offer. There are different types of wine coolers available in the market like built in wine coolers, commercial wine coolers, compact wine coolers, full size wine coolers, thermoelectric wine coolers and dual zone wine coolers. These coolers are carefully designed by wine cooler top brands team of researchers and experts. So when you plan to buy a wine cooler, you should look for two things. One you should know about your needs and second which wine cooler top brand to go for.

The best thing about the wine cooler top brands is that they always work in sync with the demands of the end users. On regular basis they conduct research and try to incorporate features that are user friendly and are helpful to all. Wine cooler top brands like to add an advantage feature to the existing product or have completely new product for the customers.

Some of the wine cooler top brands include Marvel Appliances, Haier Appliances, Sunpentown Appliances, Vinotemp Appliances, and Franklin Chef Appliances. There commendable range of commercial and home use wine coolers have been appreciated by all - for their looks, individual capacity, size, defrost facility.

Impressive features, steadfast performance and stunning styles are few things that make a Wine Cooler Top Brands, the first preference among the customers. When you go in to buy a wine cooler it is better to compare the features and prices. Due to stiff competition, the makers of wine coolers try to offer the maximum number of features to the customers at reasonable prices.

If you are interested in buying one of the wine cooler from wine cooler top brands, then visit Cooler Direct. Their spectrum of wine cooler top brands gives the customers a complete insight about the wine coolers. The feature list presented by them for individual brand helps the customer in knowing better about the products and thereby making a wise decision. For more information visit Cooler Direct Store.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Reliable Avanti Appliances

Avanti Appliances is one among the few brands that offer plethora of products. Their comprehensive range of products includes compact chest freezers, full size upright freezers, full size wine coolers, bottled water dispensers, home ice makers, freezerless refrigerators, water purifiers and beverage centers. These products are available with user friendly features that makes them suitable for use both at homes and commercial places. To know more Avanti appliances lets discuss their product line in brief:

Avanti compact chest freezers: These chest freezers by Avanti Appliances are the most suitable for small rooms. They have the capacity of seven cubic feet or less. Compact chest freezers come with adjustable thermostat, removable storage basket, and easy to carry casters. All these features help in easy handling of the freezers and thus making them one of the popular products of Avanti Appliances. These compact freezers are recommended for bakeries, confectioneries, and grocery stores.

Avanti full size upright freezers: These have a large storage capacity. Avanti Full Size Upright Freezer have a number of drawers. Separate compartment is present for placing bacon and ice trays. If you have a big family and require to store in a large amount of frozen food, then this freezer by Avanti Appliances is especially meant for you.

Avanti full size wine coolers: Wine coolers are available with different storage capacity. They have reversible tempered glass door, slide out wooden shelves, built in interior fan and built in handle. The best part of these wine coolers is that they keep the bottles at display. For this purpose Avanti Appliances provides soft interior LED lighting also. These full size wine coolers are highly recommended for pubs or restaurants and can be safely used in homes too.

Avanti Ice makers: These ice makers prepare ice in large quantity and thereby provide you with lots of ice instantly. The Avanti Ice makers are available in popular built in as well as free standing application. Avanti Appliances keeping in mind the needs of the users have designed the ice makers in such a way that there is no hassle in draining out the water, every now and then.

All these Avanti appliances are available at attractive prices at Cooler Direct. They have elegant modern exterior and are a perfect combination of quality and appearance. You can personalize Avanti appliances at reasonable rates. Are you ready to make the difference!

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